Quinn, Connor, Weaver, Davies & Rouco LLP

For more than twenty-five years, the attorneys of Quinn, Connor, Weaver, Davies & Rouco LLP have represented labor organizations, union members, pension and benefit trust funds and individual employees across a wide spectrum of labor and employment law.

In our Union-side practice, our attorneys represent Local, District and International Unions in all areas of labor law before administrative agencies, in state and federal courts, in labor arbitration, and in collective bargaining throughout the United States.

The firm’s antitrust practice focuses on representing consumers and Taft-Hartley funds against companies that engage in various anti-competitive practices, such as unlawful tying arrangements, conspiring to fix prices, attempting to monopolize markets or other unlawful exercise of monopoly power. The result of anti-competitive practices is that consumers and Taft-Hartley funds pay more for a product than they would otherwise pay in a competitive market.  For example, our firm has represented Taft-Hartley funds against pharmaceutical companies who delayed the entry of a generic competitor.  We also represented consumers in cases alleging that cable operators unlawfully required consumers to rent a set top box. Our securities fraud practice focuses on representing Taft-Hartley funds and employees in cases where publicly traded companies defrauded investors. Such fraud takes many forms but generally involves deceptive conduct aimed at artificially inflating the price of a company’s stock.

In our work with individual employees, our attorneys represent employees in the federal courts in numerous employment-related areas, including class actions, wage and hour litigation, race, age, gender or disability-related discrimination and retaliation. We also assist individuals seeking benefits from work-related injuries, black lung benefits and social security disability, and those suffering personal injuries. Additionally, we counsel employees regarding ERISA benefit claims. The firm also maintains an employment mediation practice.

The firm also represents numerous Taft-Hartley pension and welfare benefit trust funds in all areas of ERISA plan administration and litigation.

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