Aggressive Wage Dispute Defense for Birmingham Employees

Wage disputes are often exceedingly complex, if for no other reason than that they involve money and, for most individuals, a perceived lack of respect. After all, everyone would like to make more money, and most, if not all, of us deserve to do so. Of course, employers must be cognizant of the effect higher wages will have on their bottom lines. For these reasons and many others, wage disputes show no sign of abating anytime soon.

The FLSA is Here to Help. So Are We.

Georgia and Alabama employees with wage dispute cases have often been denied pay to which they are legally entitled, such as hourly wages, overtime pay, bonuses and/or commissions. When an employee is denied these wages, she or he has a legal right to file a civil lawsuit against their employer.

Wage disputes are governed by the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA), as well as state and federal law. The FLSA clearly states the procedures, conditions, stipulations, exemptions related to employment and labor issues, including those involving wage disputes. If you have any questions regarding your wage, overtime pay, bonuses and/or commissions, contact Quinn, Connor, Weaver, Davies & Rouco LLP today.

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