Whistleblower Attorney Helping Birmingham Employees

According to various sections of the Code of Alabama, it is illegal to fire an employee solely because she or he reported instances of safety violations, illegality and/or corruption. In other words, employers may not, under any circumstances, terminate, threaten or even discipline an employee due to their refusal to speak out against injustice.

Are You Protected?

When the state of Alabama passed the State Employee Protection Act, it codified protection for state employees who engage in whistleblower activities. For example, any state employee that makes a report to a public body regarding a violation of a law, regulation, or rule cannot be discriminated against in their employment.

While most whistleblower laws extend only to public employees at the state level, there are federal protections that apply to those who believe their company has defrauded the U.S. government. The False Claims Act allows these employees to file what are commonly referred to as qui tam actions, the purpose of which is to protect employees from retaliation.

Peace of Mind for Alabama & Georgia Employees

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