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Securing the Ground Beneath Your Feet.

In Alabama and Georgia, premises liability lawsuits can be brought against a homeowner, landlord, retailer, property manager or government entity that failed to keep its premises reasonably safe for use. The success of your premises liability suit will depend largely upon whether or not you’re considered an invitee, licensee or trespasser.

Say Again?

State law defines a “licensee” as someone who may enter a premises for their own “convenience” or “gratification.” Keep in mind that licensees need not be customers, business associates or trespassers. By contrast, an invitee may be anyone with whom the property owner has a business or personal relationship. As you may have guessed, trespassers are those for whom no invitation or business relationship exists.

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Premises liability suits are often difficult and time-consuming. If you or someone you love has recently been injured due to the negligence and/or misconduct of a property owner, you need competent, experienced legal counsel as soon as possible. Schedule your appointment with a personal injury lawyer now.

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