Employee Benefit Plans

Experienced Multi-Employer Benefit Plan Lawyers

Multi-employer plans are a cost effective way of providing employee benefits. The trustees of the plans, however, face unique challenges. They must navigate DOL requirements, IRS regulations, ERISA, and deal with multiple plan professionals. The attorneys at Quinn, Connor have been representing multi-employer plans since long before ACA and PPA became the focus of trustee meetings. They know and understand the IRS and DOL rules and regulations governing qualified plans and know ERISA. They help navigate the Trustees through these complex laws to maintain their tax qualified status. Equally important, they understand and appreciate the collective bargaining relationship that forms the basis of any Taft-Hartley Plan. In addition, they help the trustees listen to and understand what other plan professionals are communicating. Their goal is not simply to make certain that the plan is operated in accordance with governing laws and documents, but also that the information necessary for complex decisions is presented to the trustees in a meaningful way so that decisions are made based on what is best for plan participants.

We have the background and the skills to help Trustees navigate the rules and regulations governing Taft-Hartley plans and the complex relationships with which they are faced.

We provide representation to all types of Taft-Hartley plans, from large defined benefit plans to small apprenticeship plans throughout the Southeast.

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