Labor Law

A Union Side Labor Law Firm

The lawyers at Quinn, Connor, all have one thing in common; they are committed to the labor movement. All of them have committed their careers to protection of collective bargaining and rights achieved by collective bargaining. Everything we do stems from this commitment.

We represent labor unions in every aspect of their operation: In the organizing campaign, through the election, at the bargaining table, before the NLRB, the DOL, and the Courts. We can assist with your hiring hall, your apprentice plan, and everything in between. Our experience and commitment allows us to provide representation to the largest of international unions and small locals.

Here to Help.

The attorneys at Quinn, Connor, Weaver, Davies & Rouco LLP know running a union is important and complicated work. We provide legal representation to union officers and staff to deal with day to day administration and legal issues.

Quinn, Connor, Weaver, Davies & Rouco LLP assists clients in labor law. Call (205) 870-9989 now for more information.