Employment Law

Employment Lawyers

When an employer discriminates against an employee, fails to protect against workplace harassment or fails to address a hostile work environment, effective, reliable legal counsel may be needed to ensure that justice is served. If you are currently struggling with an issue involving workplace discrimination, whether race, age, sex, or gender, or a wage dispute, contact the committed team at Quinn, Connor, Weaver, Davies & Rouco. 

Enforcing Promises of Benefits

All too often an employer will promise a benefit-disability insurance or a pension-and then fails to live up to the promise. Often it is not the employer that causes the problem instead, it is the insurance company that promised to pay if you became disabled. When that promise is broken, the attorneys at Quinn Connor can help. 

Claims for employee benefits are almost always covered by a law called ERISA.  ERISA was meant to protect employees, but all too often it seems like it just gets in the way. Quinn Connor lawyers are uniquely situated to help you obtain benefits that were denied to you, whether disability income or health insurance.

Quinn, Connor, Weaver, Davies & Rouco LLP offer first-rate employment law counsel to individuals throughout Birmingham, Decatur and Atlanta. Call (205) 870-9989 now to secure your future.